The Robert Gibson Methodist Trust Board


NB: Incomplete applications or applications with insufficient supporting information will not be considered. All documents can be either scanned and emailed or posted to the addresses above.

Have you…

  • Completed the application in full, including a budget of expected income/expenses/assets/liabilities.
  • Forwarded supporting parental/guardian income information. Either:
    1. Parent’s/guardian’s financial statements for last year if self-employed. We require full financial Statements which can be sent in PDF format if preferred.
    2. Parent’s/guardian’s tax assessment notices or Statement of Earnings if parents are not self-employed (available from IRD).
    3. Confirmation from a minister of religion or school Principal with reasons if parental support does not apply, e.g. orphan.
  • Attached evidence of academic achievement:
    1. School reports if this will be your first year of tertiary study, or
    2. Transcript or other evidence of tertiary results if this will be your second or subsequent year of tertiary study.
      Current year’s course results may be forwarded later. Any approval will be conditional upon receiving this information.
  • Forwarded two references if this is your first application to the Trust
    (Preferably one from a minister of religion)
  • Had your declaration witnessed by a justice of the peace, minister of religion or other officer authorised to take statutory declarations. The witness must not be a member of your family.


The Methodist Conference is empowered on the recommendation of the Robert Gibson Trust Board to grant bursary assistance from the Estate of Robert Gibson, late of Manaia in Taranaki, Farmer, deceased to:

  1. Students who attend Wesley College at Paerata.
  2. Boys, girls, young men and young women to attend University or any other education institution.

The Board has a wide discretion:

  1. In addition to payment of residential, tuition and other usual fees or levies, to pay and allow reasonable travelling expenses and to grant allowances for such other items as clothing, books, or other equipment which may be required by a student in the course of study.
  2. To require reports on the progress of any Scholar receiving its assistance.
  3. To suspend or terminate any assistance in case of failure to comply with its requirements.
  4. To modify the application of any regulation in case of special circumstances or hardship.


Applications close on the 20th of November each year. As the Bursary Committee meets early in December for applications in the following year, applications must be received by the Administrator by 20th November. Late applications will not be considered.
All courses and education institutions must be NZQA approved or provided by a New Zealand university.
The upper age limit for first time applicants is 25 years and two character references must be attached.
The Board prefers that one reference be from a School.
All applications should contain exam results and reports. However end of year results can be forwarded when they are available.


Be honest with income details. Applicants from farming or self-employed families should send copies of last available financial statements. Tax assessment notices should be attached for other applicants. Applications without Parental/Guardian income details will not be considered. Confidentiality is assured. The Board reserves the right to request copies of annual accounts or tax returns where necessary.

Although there is discretion for the Trust Board to consider these requests, the present policy of the Board is not to grant assistance to students travelling overseas or from overseas.

The main reasons for applications being declined are:

  1. no character references
  2. insufficient income details and/or income confirmation
  3. insufficient funds being available

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